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Our Story

Prior to 2008, there were several different parent groups at Walter Reed Middle School. Each was set up to focus their support on a single Smaller Learning Community (SLC), such as Humanities Academy, Media Arts & Technology Academy, Environmental Sciences Academy, Reed Music Program, etc. This worked well for several years, but there is a lot of administrative work to maintain your own non-profit.

In September 2008, Friends of Reed, Inc. (FoR) was formed as a non-profit organization. The vision of the founders of FoR was to join all of the wonderful parent groups at Reed into one large, connected, collaborative organization. FoR would handle much of the administration and coordinate communications with the Principal and school administration, allowing each sub-group to focus more effort on supporting the SLCs. It was a WIN-WIN!

Now, ten+ years later, we are still evolving and going strong, thanks to the effort of the founders, and many more volunteers along the way!

What We Do

Friends of Reed (FoR) supports every student at Walter Reed Middle School through fundraising campaigns and community building events. FoR provides structure and economies of scale for all SLC parent groups, and FoR works closely with the Principal and Administration to make sure we are helping them achieve the overall vision for the school.

As a parent at Walter Reed Middle School, you are not only part of your child’s Smaller Learning Community (SLC) parent group (e.g. FoR Humanities, FoR STEAM, FoR Global Leadership Academy, etc.) but you are also part of Friends of Reed!

Meet the Team

We’ve been busy this summer, and promise to update this page as soon as possible!